With much thought, and more grown up decision making than I liked, I am joining the world of blogging!!!
“Adrain Grows Up” is exactly what it sounds like. I am a young woman embracing adulthood, and all of it’s challenges whether I like it or not! From being a loving wife, to a mommy of fur babies, and future mini me’s!
My name is Adrain, and yes it is spelled A-D-R-A-I-N (pronounced A-dree-in) no mistake there guys! I am happily married to the love of my life, hey Babe! I am from St. Louis, MO where the weather is confusing, and some dare to use the extra “R” sound in “huurr”. I am a fur-mom to a beautiful cat named Angela, and a fluffy pup named Russell. I love art, music, food, cartoons, and Lego games. I am a  freelance makeup artist, and  I aspire to someday work in the television and film industry. If I could go work for THE Ms. Oprah Winfrey I would in a half of a heart beat! 
As I transition and settle into this thing called adulthood, and figure out the ins and outs, tag along with me through blog posts and video so we can figure it out together. Here’s to growing up!
– Adrain

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