Don’t Bring That Negativity Over Here!

Negative E Card

Have you ever been so excited about something that you want to just go share it with the world? You totally let down your guard, forgetting who you are speaking with, and you share all of your exciting news on to run into…a negative comment. It sucks, and you end up ready to fight because someone that’s negative basically peed all over your news. Yeah, that just recently happened to me.

In my Master’s program we are reading a book called Mastery by Robert Greene. It’s a book that explains the process of mastering your field, as well as the obsticles that are sure to come up, and this was one of them. We have to understand that we can’t share everything with everyone because not everyone is going to be happy for you. You have those that are insecure, jealous, the know it alls, and some others that just don’t want to see you grow. Especially co-workers.

I had someone tell me that getting my Master’s is a waste of time and money because they got their’s, and they aren’t doing anything with it. My first thought was to say, “well great for you, but what does that have to do with my success and wanting to get away from this dead- end job?” I held my tongue, and had to remember that this person in particular is afraid to do anything in life even progress from where they are. They told me this straight from their own mouth! So why would I think that sharing great news with them would be a good idea.

I will admit that I can be a little naive when it comes to dealing with people, and that is something that I am working on. As it says in Psalms 188:8- It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. I am learning that I can not trust everyone to accept my news the way that I want them to, and I pray everyday that God helps me hold my tongue whenever I feel like I want to shout to mountaintops.

So I hope that this is lesson for us all, I know it was for me, to be careful about sharing things with people that are outside of our support circle. Don’t let your great news get snatched up in someone else’s negativity.



5 Responses to “Don’t Bring That Negativity Over Here!”

  1. Pam says:

    Adrain,don’t hold back. Why hide who you are? You are a unique child of God with attributes no one else has. Be you.

    • Adrain says:

      Thank you so much Pam! Everyday I strive to shine bright like a diamond in the words of Rihanna, and show just how unique I am from others. <3

  2. yarnell says:

    You are absolutely correct Adrain, this was well written and I hope a learning lesson to others. .but in the words of Kat Williams. .if you don’t have any haters you must be doing something wrong

    • Adrain says:

      Lolol! So true. People are always going to hate because they want you to stay exactly where you are along with them. No sir Mr. Hater. Not on my watch!

  3. Wonderfully stated Adrain! People do more damage to themselves when they decide to not try to accomplish things, and rather crawl into a ball in the corner and be afraid of everything..

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