Experience “The Process” in Concert with St. Louis Gospel Artist Monique Renee

Mo Renee

There are many gospel artists out there that can bring Bible scripture to life with melodic sounds and uplifting lyrics. One artist, in particular, is Monique Renee. Her sound is so big and filled with passion that it becomes contagious to those within hearing distance.

After five years of hard work, passion and life experiences Monique created an album called “The Process EP.” It showcases uplifting songs that can help get you through your day. The best part is she will be having a concert to celebrate the release.

“The inspiration of the project came from who I found God to be through the things he caused me to experience in the last five years,” Monique said. “I found out what repentance was really about, I found out how glorious and mighty God really is, and I even talked about the process of going from anointing to glory!”

The album features five songs that were written by Monique, and one that was co-written with her husband.

When asked what should be expected at the album release concert Monique said, “The people can expect to meet God! I believe in not only giving people an entertaining show, but producing an atmosphere that is conducive for them to experience God in a way that they haven’t before.”

“The Process EP” album release concert will be held at Liberty Community Worship Center located at 11221 Larimore Rd. in St. Louis on Sept. 6, at 8:30 P.M. Admission is free, so bring the whole family to enjoy the ministry of this woman of God. You can purchase the album at the concert for $5, and on all digital outlets such as iTunes and Amazon.


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