It’s My Birthday!

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It’s my born day everyone, well it was on July 1st, and this lady right here has just been inducted into the 30’s club. I feel so blessed right now because there were a lot of people that didn’t get to see 30. I didn’t have big plans, but I did enjoy myself for the holiday weekend. My Hunny Love also celebrated his birthday on June 28th, so it’s celebration all around!

I received delicious treats. My co-workers made brownies with chocolate chip cookie batter, double stuffed Oreos, and fudge brownie mix. We heated those bad babies up, and topped it with ice cream, I couldn’t even finish my spaghetti I’d brought for lunch. My love, and fellow blogger, Jill of Stilettos On Sunday Morning treated me to a Sephora gift card to aid in my makeup addiction that I can’t wait to use. I have had my eye on their cream lip stain in Always Red for a while now! My brother took me to see Magic Mike, and I really enjoyed the show. The acting wasn’t great, but the performances were awesome. My sisters treated me to some chocolate covered strawberries and balloons that had me cheesing from ear to ear.

The holiday weekend really was the celebration. We had family come in town, and we walked Washington Ave., went to the casino, had a few drinks (I had my regular Shirley Temple), visited a couple of barbecues, and watched the fireworks. We didn’t go to bed until 4am Friday and Saturday night, so I am pretty tired. Sunday we visited the City Museum were we rode the ferris wheel that is on the rooftop of the building (the 11th floor), and we crawled through some crawl spaces. I’m a fluffy woman, so things like that scare me for fear of getting stuck, but it was so much fun.

Reflecting back on my 20’s I really enjoyed myself. I worked places that I hated, and loved. I strengthened relationships and friendships, and closed the chapter on others. I tapped into my sense of wanting to be an entrepreneur, and got a chance to sing in front of audiences without feeling like I was about to vomit from being nervous. Nope that was a lie I always felt queasy before hitting the stage! The best thing  about my 20’s was that I married my forever love and best friend, and we are going of 5 years strong and counting.

I am very inspired and determined to make some bigger, bolder moves. Don’t get me wrong I’m still watching Frozen on a regular basis because that’s my jam, but I also want to start a family, start a business and travel. 30 is fun and flirty. It’s sexy, and I plan to really make the best of it! I really feel grown up now.

Thanks for stopping by.

– A


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