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Hello Beauties! I hope everyone has been enjoying their day so far. So, MAC came out with their 1,250,347 collection this year called The Matte Lip Collection. When I first heard about it I was a bit skeptical, but when I saw some of those colors I began making my shopping list. The collection features 22 shades that are a mixture of some of MAC’s permanent shades, and 12 new shades that are in the matte or retro matte formula. Now if you know MAC’s matte lippies you know that these babies don’t budge…well only if you’re eating a stick of butter, but even then there is still a light stain that lingers.

I already own Ruby Woo, Heroine, and Flat Out Fabulous, so I decided to go with a nude color this time around. I purchased the color Stone, and when I received I got a little nervous at the color of the bullet. It looked more like a dark brown color, but when I paired with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner, it looked gorgeous. I thinks it’s a shade that goes with every skin tone because it’s not too harsh. Stone is a matte lipstick that is not drying at all, and it goes on so smooth. I didn’t have to tug at my lips to get the color payoff I was looking for. I can tell that this one is one that I will be grabbing for a lot this summer!

Stone Lipstick Stone

Now I’m a chocolate woman, but I love my bright color lippies, so when I purchase Flat Out Fabulous I screamed on the inside, and made a little outside squeak. I love this color to death! As a matter a fact it’s almost time to re-up, so I’ll be purchasing 2 more of these babies. One for the kit and one for myself. Now Flat Out Fabulous is a retro matte so you have to get those lips together before putting this on. Exfoliate and prep with lip balm or MAC’s  Prep and Prime Lip because this lipstick can be very drying to the lips emphasizing dry skin. If you don’t mind prepping before you wear I totally suggests this color for summer time fun. I love to pair it with MAC’s Night Moth lip liner.

Flat OutFab FlatOutFab

Heroine is a color that had everyone going crazy because it is absolutely gorgeous. Most of my clients want this color whenever I do their makeup because of it’s unique shade. It is a matte lipstick, but I kind of find that is a little drying like the retro matte, so you would have to do some prepping with this one too. I usually pair it with Night Moth lip liner and Sephora’s cream lip stain in Lavender.

Heroine mac-lipstick-heroine

Last, but not least is the classic, everyone’s favorite, the beautiful Ruby Woo. This retro matte is a MAC staple. It’s color reminds me a jazz song that is smooth, but can still bring the noise if it needs to. Because of the formula this lipstick is very drying. I find that I have to put Carmex on to feel more comfortable, but that removes the lipstick which causes me to have to put more of the color on. I do love this color flaws and all. MAC’s Vino lip liner is my favorite paired with this one.Ruby Woomac-ruby-woo-01

I do plan on getting more of these matte lipsticks pretty soon. Do you plan on trying some of the colors from The Matte Lip Collection? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by.

– Adrain

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