Music and Me


The hubby, and I visited Chicago for memorial Day weekend to visit family and hang. There is nothing like a short get away, and because we are in the Chi so often I feel like it’s my second home. Any who, while we were there riding around a song came on the radio, and I fell in love. When I hear a song that I like I quickly try to find the name of the song so I can purchase it on iTunes. Siri was so helpful in helping me find it I could give her a virtual hug. Thanks girl! This awesome song is “Chivalry is Dead” from singer/song writer/ Produce Trevor Wesley. It’s a very up beat song with cute lyrics, a soulful sound, and whistling. Yes, whistling! If you haven’t heard it you can listen to it here on SoundCloud.

To make it even better when I went on YouTube to see what else he had out there I came across a choreography video from Ian Eastwood, and it was so cute. Check it out here on his YouTube page!

Ian Eastwood


I hope that you can enjoy this song just as much as I have been. I have played it so much that the hubby has asked if I’m tired of it yet. The answer is NOPE!


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  1. Shaleya says:

    Love it Adrain!

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